Our Mission Is Your Victory!

We have a vision that every viewer, friend, and partner with Contact experiences true victory in their everyday life. 

Whether we are ministering through the television program, holding an overseas crusade, ministering to orphans, or saving the lost on the streets of foreign and domestic lands; our goal is to give a gift of empowerment and change into the lives of others. Please consider joining us and supporting Contact to reach out to our community, nation, and the world with this MISSION OF VICTORY!


WRLH Fox Richmond

Saturday @ 5:30AM
Sunday @ 7:00AM & 11:00AM

ERLH MyTV Richmond

Sunday @ 8:00PM

WTVZ MyTV Norfolk

Sunday @ 7:30AM

WJLA ABC7 Washington

Sunday @ 5:30AM

WBFF Fox45 Baltimore

Sunday @ 12:00AM

Bible School
Ministerial Fellowship